Septic Inspections

Established in 1968, G&L Septic has been performing septic inspections for over five decades.

G&L Septic offers septic tank inspection and professional services to homeowners within Kane County, Far Western DuPage County, and Northern Kendall County in Elgin, IL. 

Septic inspections are professional services that involve a comprehensive evaluation of your septic system to determine its condition, identify any problems or potential issues, and provide recommendations for maintenance or repairs. There are several different types of septic inspections, including:

  • General inspection: This involves a visual inspection of the components of your septic system, including the tank, drain field, and other components. A septic inspector will look for signs of damage, wear, or deterioration, and may also perform a dye test to check for leaks.

  • Functional inspection: This involves testing the function of your septic system, including checking the flow of water into the tank, testing the effluent levels, and assessing the overall function of the system.

  • Real estate inspection: This is a specialized inspection that is typically required when buying or selling a property with a septic system. A real estate inspection involves a comprehensive evaluation of the septic system to ensure that it is functioning properly and meets all local regulations and requirements. Please contact us for the criteria involved in performing real estate inspections. 

  • Compliance inspection: This is a specialized inspection that is typically required by local authorities to ensure that your septic system meets all applicable regulations and requirements.

Overall, septic inspections are an important part of septic system maintenance and care. By having your septic system inspected on a regular basis, you can identify any potential issues before they become major problems, and ensure that your system is functioning properly and safely. It’s important to work with a qualified and experienced septic inspector such as G&L Septic to ensure that your inspection is thorough and accurate.

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